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What Our Carers Say

What Our Carers Say

Parent and Child Training: 

"This course gave me much more insight to mother and baby placements"

K from Catford

"Very informative and educated. It was well presented.

M from Anerley 

Record Keeping Training:

"It was very good. I learnt a lot of other information which I didn't expect."


"I liked the 'W' system - an easy way to remember when, where, what etc."


"Attending this course kept me informed on record keeping and change of law. The way we use words is very important."


"Very good course, I learnt a lot about fostering."


Skills to Foster Training: 

"So much was helpful - but dealing with all the uncomfortable bits i.e. complaints/allegations were really useful. I feel we have explored and covered a lot of ground from placement to moving on and the exercises really cemented our understandings"

C from North London 


"I feel very confident about being a support carer now. Foster parents have gone way up in my estimation!" 

J from Central London


"I have been wanting to be a foster carer for a while now but I didn't know much about it at all, this training has opened my mind about how the fostering process works. I am very grateful to know foster caring is not just like looking after your grandson"

W from North London


"The most useful part of the course for me was knowing the breakdown of the various skills needed and how to handle possible contingencies. All in all I felt all of the training was valuable"

S from North London


"This course has made me feel more relaxed about the whole fostering process and expectations. It has reassured me that I will be fully supported as a foster carer. It was really easy to attend this training and we were made to feel very welcomed by all Nurture Fostering staff. Thank you!"

D from South East London


"The whole course was really informative. Talking to the iman and visiting the mosque I realised how similar Islam and other religions are.

Most useful skills from the course:

  • Understanding Prayer Requirements

  • Knowing what to buy for the child

  • Checking packaging closely on food 

  • Visiting a local mosque to learn more

  • Ramadan requirements"

C from North London


"The training provided enables me to develop my skills and gain a greater knowledge to help me grow and improve." 

E from Camberwell


"The training course was most useful in assisting my understanding of helping children develop their individual identity and culture." 

S from Coulsdon