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mothers-day-blog-pic 10/25/2019


A day in the life of a Foster Carer

At Nurture Fostering, we are dedicated to recruiting foster carers who can work with us to improve the lives of the vulnerable children we support. If you want to make a real difference to a child’s life and are unsure of what it can involve then have a read about one of our foster carers average days...


Where it all started…

Four months ago Freddie was placed with me and since then seems to be settling in well. When he first arrived, he was very upset, Freddie struggled to understand why he had been taken from school and brought to me by a social worker. He has a learning disability and attends a local school for children with moderate learning difficulties.

The first couple of weeks were quite difficult, Freddie got angry and upset calling his mother on numerous occasions who remains seriously ill in hospital and unfortunately it wasn’t possible for him to visit her. He required a lot of patient care and simple explanations, but gradually he calmed and seemed to understand that we are here to support him. His school has been a great help and have been very supportive every step of the way. He attends daily and we encourage this to give him as much normality as possible.

But back to today…



Waking up Freddie can be a challenge in itself, he likes his bed in the mornings far more than the evenings. But he does understand that he needs to get washed and dressed, which he slowly starts to do. Breakfast is a race for time and once we are ready there may only be a spare five minutes before he is picked up for school.

While Freddie is at school it gives me a chance to catch up with errands and attend a support meeting for Nurture foster carers. I always enjoy these as it’s a good opportunity to meet other carers, chat about how things are going and the wider fostering world.

Late afternoon

When we return, we wait for Freddie’s social worker to see how he is and whether there is any other support he needs in regard to schooling and health. Freddie likes her, she makes him laugh and always looks forward to her visits. But when Freddie returns from school on this particular day he’s a bit upset, we then are told he had an argument with a classmate and feels bad about it. The school calls and tells me what happened and assures me that it wasn’t serious, and that Freddie was not at fault. I tell Freddie and his smile returns. We continue our meeting with his social worker and when she leaves we head to the park for a while taking Freddie's football with us. I play with him, but not very well.


Dinner time! Freddie is a good eater and enjoys his food, he even helps me wash-up too. We give him half an hour on his Xbox, then it’s time for bed.  Just before I relax, I log on to my computer and write up my daily recordings, these are vital to ensure my supervising social worker can monitor the placement and support me. After this I relax and watch a new series on TV.


Deciding to foster has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and we’re looking forward to seeing Freddie excel and thrive as he gets older, knowing that our love and support has helped him on his journey.